Monopoly Mega Jackpots Slots

Megajackpots Monopoly slot machine games online are IGT/WagerWorks-powered video slots that have five reels and nine pay-lines. This progressive Monopoly slot machine games online are based entirely on the Monopoly Pass Go Bonus slot games, but feature a progressive jackpot. This means that a small percentage of every spin goes into a jackpot fund that accumulates and gets paid out when the winning combination has been hit.

To hit the progressive jackpot, which currently stands at over three million pounds, you need to line up five MegaJackpot symbols on the centre pay-line. Keep in mind that you need to play the max bet for a chance to win this life-changing amount.
MegaJackpots Monopoly slot machine games online also have two amazing bonus rounds, with the first being the Chance Win Spin Bonus feature. To activate this, you need to get three Chance Bonus symbols anywhere on the last three reels. You will need to choose one of three Chance Bonus symbols to determine the number of Win Spins you receive, which ranges from two to four Win Spins.

In the Chance Win Spin Bonus feature, a giant slot machine lever will appear on the right-hand side of the reels. Mr. Monopoly will then pull it to keep giving you free spins until you hit a winning combination. If you are unlucky enough to not win anything in seven spins, you will win a Lucky 7 bonus prize amounting to ten times your original stake. If you hit a winning spin, the game continues until you use up all your Win Spins. Finally, if you get three Chance symbols on the last three reels, you will get a scatter pay. You can also trigger the Pass Go Bonus feature and win the jackpot too.

For you to trigger the Pass Go Bonus feature, you need to receive three Bonus Dice symbols on the first three reels. You again need to choose one of the three dice to reveal the number of rolls you receive. It ranges from one to six rolls. To start with, you will have ten free coins at the beginning of the bonus round.


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