Technologies That Will Change Online Gambling

Gambling has come a long way since basic online slot machines such as 20 Super Hot which was developed by EGT.

Technology and the change in it have revolutionised the online gambling industry. It has affected how we play and win at casinos. Technology that has contributed immensely; particularly in the last 15 to 20 years. The actual revolution began when the internet became prevalent and it flipped everything over. All that was clumsy and slow changed for the better. Many claimed that this paradigm shift in the casino industry was a happy ending, but in fact, it was just a beginning. More is on its way in 2017 and will continue to change how we participate in online gaming. Excitement is brewing with new promising technologies for both players and operators. Let’s see how.

“The rate of success of any business is directly proportional to the latest technology incorporated.”
Virtual Reality is the New Reality
VR was once the dream of science fiction. But the internet was also once a dream, and so were computers and smartphones. The Future is Coming…..
Mark Zuckerberg

Gambling is an exciting activity by virtue of its nature. The association of the internet with Poker, Roulette, Keno and Playing online casino slots is fun and profitable. It has redefined the structure of how we play these games now. And, this is the main reason for the hyper growth in this realm. Virtual Reality is a simple concept, where everything is about implementing and experiencing the realistic fantasy by using technology.

Imagine if Jack wears a headset and enters the online gambling world, he can actually experience real action with the sounds, dealers and players reacting and even waitresses offering virtual drinks. These devices are built to work in a 360° environment and respond exactly to user conduct in real time situations. Gadgets like the Oculus Rift, GameFace and a few more have the ability to allow players to explore the gambling space with little effort. But are we fully there yet? In our opinion, for the industry to accept the VR in the mainstream, it will take a little more time. To set up and spend for VR technology is key. As more game manufactures explore this space and devices, we are certain of a deluge of people joining this elite club in the next 2-3 years.

Augmented Reality or AR is the science that allows us to view the live action of the actual world environment. The variables are provided by a machine or computer manufactured inputs such as graphics, sound etc.

Ask yourself today, what makes online gambling so special? Why are we so fond of it? We’ll tell you the reason behind it; it’s the comfort of our home as now we don’t have to drive a mile or more to try our hands on poker, or roulette or any other game for that matter. Get ready to enjoy gambling like never before! With AR, gamblers can enhance the online casino experience to a great degree. The specially designed eye-wear, virtual images give a feeling that you can breathe in a casino and do anything. AR has surpassed the concept of live casino because the games associated with it are not just Poker, Roulette or any other table game. In association with tech giant Google, Infinity Augmented Reality, Inc. is working very closely to change how games are played online.

Artificial Intelligence

Who doesn't love Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator II and online casino slot game from Microgaming. Well, the Hasta la vista baby is back. Today, the T-800 has a mission to complete. The mission is to save the world of online gambling from old regular boring ways of playing. AI is also a double sided sword wherein both the operators and players depend on the technology substantially. Players have been relying on computer programs and statistical checkouts to improve their winning percentage as they minimise the error percentage to a very large degree. They have a predefined set of commands and based on these, they act. Some of the pundits are openly calling this unethical. Today AI is standing at the crossroads because of its accuracy by the use of specific algorithms; it can predict outcomes and hence, increasing certainty to a great degree.
In a study by the University of Alberta, poker bots can't be beaten at Texas Hold'em

Frame Per Second

The display or the appearance matters a lot in the online gambling industry. Game quality has a great impact on players as no one wants any compromise on this. The resolution of the visuals depends on the number of the pixels on the frame. Most operators were only considering this variable, but the latest technology also vouches for the other variable, called frames captured per minute. The current 30 FPS and further be improved at 60 FPS as technology improves:
The higher frame rates are better as they streamline the video in a much finer and fluent manner

Block Chain: Reshaping Online gambling Industry

Block-chain is a distributed ledger science, which establishes trust and transparency in the whole structure. It actually creates a digital ledger of transactions and shares it amongst the distributed network of systems. Once a block of data records in the ledger, it becomes almost impossible to modify it. The embedded algorithms verify the proposed transaction and once it looks valid only then it proceeds further. This brings in a great deal of safety and transparency on the payment processing and banking side of things.


Online gambling is not as tricky as you think it is. You have to put yourself out there and grab the right opportunity at the appropriate time. With the latest technologies, the game will become fancier and will reach out to more people. All in all, 2017 is going to be another enthralling year for the iGaming industry.


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